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My Thoughts BGC10 Reunion….

Sooooo i just watched the season 10 reunion and saw some comments and couldn’t help but put my 2 pence in…. 

Disclaimer… i don’t normally have much to say about tv shows ect but i caught BGC10 saw some comments and just wanna share my views

1. I can agree that the way Valentina carried herself in the house wasn’t always the best. and she did a lot of bitch ass mean things which can’t be justified. HOWEVER.. for someone who claimed they got bullied and picked on to pull a stunt like that is, weak, pathetic, hypocritical, period, point blank.

2. People seem to forget how much Shannon bitched behind peoples backs, and was fake, like because she chose not to fight that excuses all the other shit she pulled? nahhh it shouldn’t. 

3. People hating on paula…. OK PLEASE…. she kept her cool the majority of the time in the house, she felt a certain way a few times and voiced it. but she wanted to enjoy her experience on not leave the house. she is not a hypocrite at alllll she is one of the realest ones in there, never shit talked, never jumped, and when she had a problem she told you bout it. so leave her.

4. Alicia, okay yea. she’s a bitch. 

5. Last thing ima say is… okay people pissed people off. and tbh im not one to promote violence (i’ve never had a fight in my life). but if these women choose to fight it should be fair, no jumping, no sneak attacks. that being said some of these women are 26 like grow up fightings for kids..

P.S I really wanna see who Tanisha pops of at!!!!! why must i wait a week :( 

Posted: Wed May 8
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